Decided to do something about the decidedly crappy old site and try a fancy web site building software program.  Hopefully it works out.

Anyway, this site is designed mostly to showcase the software I've written.  The navigation bar above has the admittedly short list of programs I've created.  I'm sure you'll notice my superb naming sense immediately.  Manga Reader is a Windows program for viewing manga stored locally on your hard drive.  Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Stitcher is a C# application that allows you to create a wallpaper that spans multiple monitors.  More details are available on the individual pages.

You've caught me at a disadvantage :)  I can't view my own website, as the new DNS entries haven't propagated to my machine, yet.  Anyway, I'll try editing this post to see if I can answer your question.

There is no mac specific version of the software.  I've tested it with Wineskin and it works, but it doesn't look anything like a native appliation (unlike Wine on Linux which at least does a proper skin).  If you're willing to put up with some minor bugs (wineskin is a rev or two out of date with the main Wine branch), it does actually work.  Just make sure that you add Direct3d 9 and wsh56 and 57 within the Wineskin settings.

As far as importing manga goes, Manga Reader just reads files off the hard drive.  I'd recommend creating a "Manga" directory someplace where you normally save files (like Documents) and then create subdirectories for each of the manga titles you wish to add.  You can then just add .zip files to those directories.  If you want to get fancy, you can create "volume" subdirectories to better sort your chapters.  I'll try to get the help file online sometime soon.  It has more detailed instructions.