There are some changes in the installed files, so I'd recommend uninstalling the previous version and reinstalling the new one.  I've done testing on the installs, so hopefully there won't be any startup issues from unregistered OCX's or anything.  Let me know if you run into issues.

Manga Reader v1.4.4 x32.msi
Manga Reader v1.4.4 x64.msi

+Fixed: Issue with archives within archives.  When the volume archive is opened, it is extracted to a temporary location.  Once an archive chapter had been read, the temp file was deleted from the hard drive and could not be reopened until the volume had been reopened.  Temp archives are no longer deleted in this situation and going back to chapters that had been previously read will now work as expected.  Just to be clear, the original files were never in danger of being deleted.

+Fixed: Excess combo box changes removed.

+Fixed: Overflow error when window was farther right than ~32k units.  This had been fixed before, but the fix had become undone at some point.  Behaves properly now.

+Fixed: Significantly improved speed of drag and drop chapters when there were a lot of manga items in the manga selection box.  This used to take several seconds, but now happens almost instantly.

+Added: New Logitech dll wrapper of my own making.  Supports color on Logitech G19 now.

+Added: F8 key creates a cover.jpg file for the manga from the current page.  Used on G19 display.

So I had added support for Logitech gaming keyboards that include an LCD display, but I don't reboot my machines very often, so I didn't realize what Logitech's software does when you connect to it.  In short, it adds an entry to the Logitech LCD Manager and helpfully starts the program every time you start Windows.  Which can be rather confusing to the developer when he's searching through the registry and not finding any entries that would cause his program to run :-)

At any rate, the fix is to go into the Logitech LCD Manager, find the entry for Manga Reader, highlight it and untick the box that says "Automatically Start This Program" at the bottom.  You can leave the two check boxes to the left and right of Manga reader checked as they won't have any effect on Windows start up.

I've been meaning to write my own C++ stub program for handling the Logitech keyboards (mostly for color support), so maybe this will be enough of an incentive to actually do it :-P
I couldn't duplicate the problem under Linux of the manga pages not centering in full screen, so I finished off some of the other fixes I've been working on and uploaded v1.4.3.  I'm missing a couple of files needed to rebuild the full installers, though, so it will be a day or two before I replace the v1.4.2 installers.  To upgrade, simply unzip the Manga_Reader.exe file to your installation directory, which is most likely c:\Program Files\Manga Reader or c:\Program Files (x86)\Manga Reader on 64 bit systems.  The same file upgrades both x32 and x64 versions.

Fixes included with v1.4.3:
  • Fixed: Starting a 2nd instance of the program no longer causes a Windows error when running as a normal user.
  • Fixed: Moved manga picturebox to front of display list so that it always sits in front of the split bar button.  Should help with running under Wine on Linux. Changed some other settings to help with this problem as well.
  • Fixed: Mangas list now properly selects bookmark instead of first page.  Corrected error with Manga selection appearing blank.
  • Fixed: Possible fix for overflow error when loading settngs.
  • Fixed: Under certain conditions, changing the background color didn't work right.  Should work properly now.

New features:
  • Added: F5 now refreshes manga list.
  • Changed: Default settings.  Lanczos3 now default renderer.  Preview page disabled.