There's now a page for the dll at the top.  I've included example projects for VB6, VB.NET and VC# and released everything but the dll source code under the BSD license.  This makes it free for both commercial and non-commercial use.

G15, G19 and soft button support all made it into the final project.  There's a few more options I can add to the dll, but unless there's some sort of demand for it, I'm not sure I'll bother.  If there are any questions, bugs, suggestions or needs not addressed by the dll, let me know in the new forums.


04/28/2011 14:31

I installed the latest version (1.4.3) of manga reader and now it freezes on startup displaying the splash screen forever. I suspect it is because I don’t have one of those fancy Logitech keyboards.
Anyway, thanks for a great reader.

04/28/2011 15:15


Sorry to hear that. The keyboard stuff shouldn't have crashed Manga Reader as it doesn't do anything on machines that don't have the Logitech drivers. Something obviously went wrong, though :)

Which version did you upgrade from? That may give me a clue as to what part did the crashing.

I'll also be uploading 1.4.4 which has the new keyboard dll plus some fixes for other problems I've found, including a startup bug. I'm not sure if that is what was causing your issue or not, though. Check back in the next day or two for the upload announcement.


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