So I had added support for Logitech gaming keyboards that include an LCD display, but I don't reboot my machines very often, so I didn't realize what Logitech's software does when you connect to it.  In short, it adds an entry to the Logitech LCD Manager and helpfully starts the program every time you start Windows.  Which can be rather confusing to the developer when he's searching through the registry and not finding any entries that would cause his program to run :-)

At any rate, the fix is to go into the Logitech LCD Manager, find the entry for Manga Reader, highlight it and untick the box that says "Automatically Start This Program" at the bottom.  You can leave the two check boxes to the left and right of Manga reader checked as they won't have any effect on Windows start up.

I've been meaning to write my own C++ stub program for handling the Logitech keyboards (mostly for color support), so maybe this will be enough of an incentive to actually do it :-P


04/20/2011 17:30

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