Thanks to TimoHollwedel, I've found a couple of bugs in the DMcLgLCD dll.  The bugs have been removed and I went ahead and added in some new functions as well.  All of the examples have been updated to reflect all of the changes.

Here's the quick lowdown on what's changed:

    - Fixed a small memory leak.
    - Added LcdReadSoftButtons.  Stable way of polling the soft button status.  Meant to replace the LcdSetButtonCallback function.
    - Added LcdSetConfigCallback.  Allows a headless app to have a config screen that can be called by Logitech's LCD Manager.
    - Added LcdConnectEx.  Necessary for reading the G-19 extended soft buttons.  With LcdConnect, you can only read the direction keys as G-15 buttons.
    - Updated examples.  C# Example is now more graphical in nature, showing the button presses on the LCD screen itself.

Download available on the DMcLgLCD page.



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