Default Keyboard/Mouse Controls


Scroll up:Move to previous page.
Scroll down:Move to next page.
Left Click and drag (image):Move image.
double click (on image):Full Screen/Normal mode.


Page Up:Scroll to top of page. If at the top, go to previous page.
Page Down:Scroll to bottom of page. If at the bottom, go to next page.
Shift-Page Up:Move to next available chapter.
Shift-Page Down:Move to previous available chapter.
CTRL-Page Up:Move to next available book.
CTRL-Page Down:Move to previous available book.
Space Bar:Same as Page Down.
Arrow Up:Scroll up. If at the top, go to previous page.
Arrow Down:Scroll down. If at the bottom, go to the next page.
CTRL-FFull Screen/Normal mode.
CTRL-ENTER (Normal Mode)Full Screen.
ESC (in Full Screen)Normal Mode.
Enter (in Full Screen)Normal Mode.
Home:First page in chapter.
End:Last page in chapter.
I:Toggle Information HUD in Full Screen mode.
+:"Zoom" in.
-:"Zoom" out.
0-6:Set Filter Level (0 = Simple Resize, 6 = Lanczos3).
ALT-C or CTRL-C:CopyTo. Copy page to another location.
CTRL-H:Hide mouse in full screen mode.
CTRL-R:Turn simple preview on/off.
CTRL-+:Speed up GIF Animation.
CTRL-=:Slow down GIF Animation.
F5:Refresh manga list.