Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Stitcher

Take multiple wallpapers and create one large bitmap for a Windows background that spans multiple monitors.  Up to 36 monitors supported (like I'd actually be able to test that).  Monitor centric selections that allow you to fit to the width or height of each monitor or simply freestyle drag and zoom within each monitor.

Quick Feature list:

  • Reads Windows information to determine number and positions of the monitors that are set up on your system.
  • Change the background color for each screen to match a wallpaper that doesn't quite fit.
  • Stretch an image to the entire width or height of a monitor.
  • Drag and zoom images to any size.
  • Render button saves your wallpaper to your "My Pictures" directory and sets the windows background automatically.

Known Bugs:

The only real issue I've found during testing is that occasionally you'll get a pixel thick line on one edge of the wallpaper.  For now, just make sure to change the background color of the monitor to something close to what's in the wallpaper. I'll be working hard on fixing this as well as improving the software in general.
This program requires .NET version 4.0 installed before it can run.  If you're running Windows 7, then you should be okay.  Otherwise, you'll want to head over to the .NET installer page.