Manga Reader

Manga Reader is an in-development software project that allows you to easily read manga pages in a variety of different formats.

Quick Feature List:

  • Allows for a "Base" manga directory with several Manga sub-directories as well as individual "Manga" directories.
  • Allows for multiple "Base" and "Manga" directories.
  • Can find images in just about any configuration as long as they don't go further than Base\Manga\Volume\Chapter\.  There are some limitations, but I've tried to cover as many combinations as possible.
  • Can read .jpg, .png, .tif, .pcx, .psd, .pcx, .gif and .bmp files.
  • Can read each supported image format in a .zip file in about any configuration (sub-directories or no). It can also read .zips within .zips (configured as
  • Properly ignores MAC OS style file info that may be included with the archives.
  • Allows one-key and mouse scrolling of manga. If you scroll to the bottom of a page, it will bring up the next page. If you scroll past the last page in a chapter, it will open the first page of the next chapter. Does not currently scroll to the next book as this would be completely evil.
  • Several resizing and filtering methods are available including Lanczos resize and Brightness/Contrast.
  • ability to save Manga/Book/Chapter specific preferences in a file. Allowing different Manga to have different filter settings.
  • Info file window displays text files (.txt; .nfo; .readme) in Chapter directories/zips.
  • Togglable Manga/Book/Chap/Page HUD in full screen mode.
  • Custom Key/Mouse settings editable through a plain text .ini file.
  • Sorting can be done by numerical value (last set of numbers in string) instead of pure alphabetical (sorts 1,2,10,20 instead of 1,10,2,20).
  • Can set the currently displayed manga page as the desktop wallpaper.
  • Add one-shot temporary mangas or chapters by dragging and dropping them from Windows Explorer.
  • CopyTo feature allowing you to copy a manga page to a different directory.
  • Screen can be rotated in any direction allowing for more flexible manga reading.
  • Unicode display of Mangas, Books, Chapters and pages. Windows XP may require Support for East Asian Languages which can be installed on any version of XP from the Regional and Language Options found in Control Panel.
  • Multi-processor rendering (not as impressive as it sounds).
  • Printing. Tested with CutePDF Printer for making PDFs of mangas.

This software is Copyright by Dan Minut.

This software is free for non-commercial use. Any distribution of this software must include all of the files originally packaged into the archive. If you would like to re-distribute this software in a commercial setting (pay-for download sites, CD-Rom bundles, or any situation in which money, goods or favors are exchanged for the receipt of this software), you must receive permission to do so from the author first. Re-distribution through p2p software, non-cost download web sites, and other types of data exchange in which money or goods does not change hands is permitted without notification to the author. While it is not a requirement to notify the author when hosting a free download of this software, a courtesy e-mail including the web address would be appreciated. Exceptions include the libraries (infozip, winrar, winace) which carry their own license and restrictions for modification and distribution.

The author makes no warranty and accepts no liability of any kind on the use or installation of this software. Further, the author makes no guarantees regarding this software. If your country/state of residence requires a software warranty, then this software is illegal to distribute in your country or state. If the user's hardware spontaneously disassembles in a fiery blast of circuits and cooling fans, every file that begins with "candy" is deleted or any other disaster befalls the user's software or hardware after the installation of this software, then the fault lies entirely with the user and not with the author. With that said, the author has taken every step within his means to ensure that the software does not do anything damaging to the users machine.


Manga Reader v1.4.4 x32.msi
Manga Reader v1.4.4 x64.msi

Tested on Windows XP, XP64, Windows 7 and Windows 7 64.  Should also work on Vista, 32 and 64 bit.

Online help navigator

Note for Linux Users:
While not extensively tested, Manga Reader does seem to run under Wine fairly well as long as you've got an updated Windows Scripting Host and DirectX 9 installed in Wine

To do this, install Wine normally per the instructions for your distro. Ubuntu, for example, has a package in the Synaptic Package Manager. After installing, you can download the winetricks script from Once you have the script downloaded to your hard drive, open a terminal and change directories to the location of the script and run the following command:

sh winetricks wsh56 d3dx9

Now you can download the 32 bit version of Manga Reader above (always use the 32 bit version no matter which version of Linux you're running) and save it to your hard drive. Right-click properties on the file when it's finished and set the executable bit. You should now be able to double-click the .msi and install it. The rest should be just like a Windows install.  You can find more details at the Manga Reader page on Wine: