Quick Online Help

Double click the .MSI file to install. If your system does not recognize .MSI as an executable file, please visit Microsoft's web site at http://update.microsoft.com to install all of the latest critical patches for your OS.

Getting Started:
Open the main program file by clicking on the Manga Reader icon. In the upper right hand corner of the window, you will find a menu labled File. Choose "Base Directories" under the file menu and a new window will pop up allowing you to add directories to the Manga database.

If you have a subdirectory with multiple manga directories in it, select this directory, click "Add" and leave the default "base" as is.

If you have a subdirectory that contains only one manga title, add this directory then double click the word "base" until it changes to "manga."

When you have finished adding Manga and Base directories, click "Ok" to continue.

Using the program:
  • The top menu block on the right contains the Manga/Book/Chapter/Page pull downs. Use the pull downs to navigate and read your Manga.
  • The Second menu block contains the resize/filter settings.

Resize Method:
  • None: No resizing of the pages takes place.
  • Vertical: Resize the pages to fit vertically in the display window. Do not resize horizontally.
  • Horizontal: Resize Horizontally, but not vertically.
  • Both: Resize in either direction, whichever allows the image to be fully displayed in the window.

Resize Filter:
Very fast resizing method that most image display programs use. Causes Jagged edges, but works fine for images that don't need to be resized very far.

Fast and smooth resizing that removes jagged edges. Use in conjunction with the sharpness filter to help eliminate fuzziness.

I have included a variety of other filters that offer differing quality and speed depending on the source image. In general, the ones closer to the top are faster, but not as good and the ones near the bottom are slower, but better quality. In most cases it is very difficult to tell the differences in the various filters. I have found, however, that by using Lanclos3 on images that are scaled down, you can get much crisper text. I would recommend using this filter if you are running in 640x480 or 800x600 with a vertical resizing method. For a more detailed explanation of the different filters.

Adjust the brightness of the image. No adjustment is 0 in the middle. Move left for darker and right for brighter (range = -10 to 10)

Adjust the contrast of the image. Same controls as above.

Adjust the sharpness of the image. No adjustment is 0 on the left. Move right for more contrast. (range 0 to 10)

Menu Selections:

  • Choose Base Directories: Add/Remove directories to Manga list. See description in above section.
  • Add Temporary Directory: Add temporary directories to Manga list. Will not be saved when program exits.
  • CopyTo: Copy manga page to another location.
  • Print: Prints the current Manga, Book, Chapter or Page range. If combined with a free PDF Printer, this command can be used to make PDFs.
  • Exit: Exit's the program.

  • Set Page as Wallpaper: Set currently displayed page as your desktop wallpaper.
  • Clear Key Bindings: Reset the keyboard shortcuts to the default settings.

  • Open Debug Window: Opens a special window that displays what the internals of Manga Reader are doing. Useful if the program is misbahaving and you'd like to know what's happening.

  • Enable Preview: Program will display a quick, but low quality version of the manga page before displaying the final quality version. Not very useful on modern PCs.
  • Fast Search: If enabled, it will skip some of the logic used to sort manga into various books and chapters.
  • Display Info Box: Enables the information box in full screen mode.
  • Hide Mouse Cursor: Hides the mouse cursor in full screen mode.
  • Full Screen Mode: Changes to Full Screen when checked.
  • Background Color: Changes the background color behind the Manga pages. Default=Black.
  • Set Display Rotation: Changes the display rotation of the manga pages within the window.

  • Manga/Book/Chapter/Page: Change the Manga, Book, Chapter or Page.

Manga Options:
  • Normal Page Sort: When checked, uses alphanumeric sorting. When unchecked, uses special algorithm to guess page order. Best when pages are labled 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 VS 01,02,03,etc.
  • Enable per Manga Page Settings: Allows the program to remember what page you were last reading when you change Mangas. This will only work if you are reading Mangas off of a read/write media (eg. Reading off of CD-Rom prevents you from saving these settings). Manga Reader stores small .ini files in each Manga directory that have the name of "mrManga.ini." Do not delete these files if you wish to keep your settings.
  • Enable per Manga Image Settings: Allows the program to remember what filters you are using on a Manga by Manga basis. It works similar to and uses the same files as the first checkbox.
  • Resize Method: Same as description in Using the Program section.
  • Filter: Same as above.
  • Brightness/Contrast/Sharpness: Same as above.

  • About Info about MangaReader.