There are some changes in the installed files, so I'd recommend uninstalling the previous version and reinstalling the new one.  I've done testing on the installs, so hopefully there won't be any startup issues from unregistered OCX's or anything.  Let me know if you run into issues.

Manga Reader v1.4.4 x32.msi
Manga Reader v1.4.4 x64.msi

+Fixed: Issue with archives within archives.  When the volume archive is opened, it is extracted to a temporary location.  Once an archive chapter had been read, the temp file was deleted from the hard drive and could not be reopened until the volume had been reopened.  Temp archives are no longer deleted in this situation and going back to chapters that had been previously read will now work as expected.  Just to be clear, the original files were never in danger of being deleted.

+Fixed: Excess combo box changes removed.

+Fixed: Overflow error when window was farther right than ~32k units.  This had been fixed before, but the fix had become undone at some point.  Behaves properly now.

+Fixed: Significantly improved speed of drag and drop chapters when there were a lot of manga items in the manga selection box.  This used to take several seconds, but now happens almost instantly.

+Added: New Logitech dll wrapper of my own making.  Supports color on Logitech G19 now.

+Added: F8 key creates a cover.jpg file for the manga from the current page.  Used on G19 display.



04/29/2011 01:33

Nice work! Now it starts properly. :)

Unfortunately, I have a new problem. It reads my old ANSI per manga settings files as Unicode (I think that's what's happening), obviously that don't work so it doesn't remember where I stopped reading.

06/30/2012 05:37

can u please accept nyo q

04/29/2011 08:45


Good to hear that it's not crashing. I'm thinking it may have been an issue with the installer.

I tested the new version against an ASCII manga settings file and it worked okay. I suspect that the settings files didn't get copied to the right place. The old location was either c:\program files\mangareader or c:\documents and settings\<userid>\My Documents\.Manga Reader.

The new location is under c:\documents and settings\<userid>\Application Data\Manga Reader.

Let me know if that was the issue.

04/29/2011 08:48

Ah, for Windows 7 it's a little different. The last two are c:\users\<userid>\My Documents\.Manga Reader and c:\users\<userid>\AppData\Roaming\Manga Reader

04/29/2011 16:29

I'm running Win 7 x64 and all the config files I can find are in the user directory. <user>\AppData\Roaming\Manga Reader\

The program uses those files because if I open one of the old ASCII files in Notepad and resave it as Unicode before starting the reader it goes to the correct page for the manga that file was for.
A bit strange is that the main settings file <user>\AppData\Roaming\Manga Reader\AppSettings\MangaReader.ini is correctly converted but not the per manga files.

08/04/2012 11:00

damn my files got corrupt my manga file did not exist

04/30/2011 05:59


I've been digging up some of my backups and copying .ini files from 2007 and 2009 to try to make this fail... but I can't seem to reproduce the problem. The three machines I've been testing on are Win7 64 bit.

If you still have an ascii file, make a backup of it, then try going to that manga in Manga Reader. Before you do anything else, do a "Tools/Open Debug Window." The last line should have either "Ascii Read" or "Unicode Read." That will at least tell me what it's doing.

04/30/2011 08:24

I can't use this manga web anymore cause I use safari on iPhone. Is there way where you can make this web work on iPhones?

04/30/2011 08:55

You're probably looking for isn't affiliated with them.

Both sites work just fine on iPhone. You just won't find any manga on my .com address :)

06/14/2011 06:42

hey! very nice program, works good!
nice work!

one question though: any way of zooming in?

06/14/2011 08:03


Thanks! You can swap between a 1:1 view and a scaled view with the '+' and '-' keys. It's not a true zoom, but it usually does the trick.

Unfortunately, I wrote the display backend many years ago and it's not quite up to snuff for creating a real zoom. I'm rewriting the software in C# at the moment, so the .net version should be able to handle such things.

08/18/2011 09:16

hi, i'm having this error "run time error '340' "...

i just opened my old completed manga(to love-ru) and at chapter 40, page 10, this error occured...

in the previous version, this error doesn't appear...

i'm using win xp x86 sp3...
how to fix this error?

08/18/2011 09:19

sorry about my last post but i just tried to open it not maximized...

i think this error occured when the window is maximized...

08/18/2011 10:11


Does it happen with every manga or just To Love-Ru? Does it happen with every chapter in To Love-Ru?

I normally don't open the program maximized, so I'll try out some different configurations there as well to see if I can reproduce the error.

08/18/2011 10:59


Hmmm... just tried it out and didn't run into any issues other than it always opening up on screen 0 instead of whichever screen it was closed on.

If you close it out while normalized, reopen it, maximize it, close it and reopen again, does it do the same thing?

09/10/2011 10:43

hi, i was using an older version of manga reader and had no problems.but after reinstalling my os i tried to install the new version of manga reader but i get the message " Error1931. The windows installer service cannot update the system file
c:\Windows\system32\itircl.dll because the file is protected by windows. you may need to update your operating system for this ptogram to work correctly." could someone pls tell me which files to update.i am using windows xp with service pack-3 with dotnet 3.5.

09/13/2011 07:58


Does the installer fail when you get that error message? I think I remember seeing that same error in one of the VM's I was using, but I was able to just continue on and the program installed properly.

If it does fail completely and doesn't let you continue, definitely let me know. I'm thinking of rolling back some of the Unicode features for a US version that has far fewer support dlls and that installs much nicer.

11/17/2011 17:56

Hello, I read mangareader at work and recently the main page as well as the rest must have been formatted differently, because now I get Sign-On Authentication box popping up on every page and this problem didn't occur till recently, whereas before the box only popped up on the forum sites.


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